Pest Prevention and Plant Health

Our plants ARE treated regularly with pesticides. We do not currently use beneficial insects, but a mix of specific pesticide and fungicide to combat any health problems with your new plants. We fertilize plants monthly to ensure optimal health and growth. Our plants are grown under barrina T5 LED grow lights. 

Our in house blended custom soil mix promotes healthy root development, and overall plant health. Our plants are tested for adequate roots with visual sighting of roots and a ‘tug test’ before they are packaged. 

Plants are packaged in polyfill and tissue paper, then further wrapped in a roll of cardboard and safely secured into a box for transit to your home. We offer upgrades for shipping in the winter for purchase on our store. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and try our hardest to offer a resolution to any issue. We ship our business cards with each order containing contact information, please reach out if you experience any inconvenience!